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For parents to protect their children from the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse, they need to be able to spot the signs of early drug or alcohol use before their child becomes addicted. Our eGuide, 5 Signs Your Child is Using Drugs or Alcohol: A Guide for Concerned Parents, is a great way for parents to educate themselves about the warning signs of substance abuse before their children suffer the sometimes deadly consequences.
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Learn What To Look For

Sometimes parents may miss the warning signs of alcohol or drug use by their children because they can often be similar to other typical adolescent behaviors. These signs may also mirror symptoms of mental health issues that confront many children as they develop. However, becoming familiar with the following signs of substance use is an important lesson for every parent:
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Behavioral changes

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Mood & personality shifts

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Hygiene & appearance issues

Health issues

icon of bad report card

Mood & personality shifts

Learn how to recognize the additional signs of addiction in all of your love ones. 

Protect Your Kids From The Dangers Of Substance Abuse

By arming yourself with the knowledge in our eGuide, you can protect your children from the ravages of substance abuse. From the potential for addiction to the possibly life-changing consequences of poor choices made while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, substance abuse can ruin your child’s future. By educating yourself, you can help keep them safe.
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If you are concerned that your child may fall prey to the lure of drugs or alcohol, the first step is to educate yourself about the signs and symptoms of substance abuse. By downloading our eGuide, you will be better prepared to deal with a critical challenge that confronts all too many young people today. Don’t wait until it’s too late; download our FREE eGuide now!