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Admissions Process at Behavioral Wellness & Recovery

At Behavior Wellness and Recovery, a treatment center for addiction and dual diagnosis disorders, we strive to make the admissions process as smooth as possible.

We understand that you may be in crisis, and attempt to assist you in all areas of the admissions process. This includes steady contact with your physicians, attorney, probation and parole officers (when necessary), insurance company, mental health providers and family members who are acting on the patient’s behalf.

Coordination of all interested parties is critical at this early stage. This allows the patient and his/her family members to focus on entering an appropriate drug addiction and alcoholism treatment center. Here is a look at our admissions process.

Pre-admission Process

    1. You or your family member can contact our admissions center 24/7 by calling 800-683-4457, or alternatively, but filling-out our e-mail contact form. If you are currently working with a healthcare professional or interventionist, they may initially contact our facility on your behalf.
    2. Your admission Coordinator will work with you and your family members to complete the confidential preadmission assessment. This drug and alcohol assessment consists of a 15-30 minute evaluation of you or your loved one’s addiction history, behavioral health history, treatment history, and addresses any current legal, financial, and employment issues.
    3. Attempting to locate an appropriate drug and alcohol rehab can be daunting. Because of this, our trained professionals will collect your insurance and financial information during the initial call. Once collected, we will then verify your insurance benefits to check if there are any co-pays or deductibles. We will then walk you through your payment options in a clear and concise manner.
    4. Because of the seriousness, and sometimes life-threatening nature of addiction and dual diagnosis disorders, Behavioral Wellness and Recovery is accustomed to completing the admissions process during a very critical window. The process is expedited to ensure that the proper help is ultimately received. Even if our program is not the appropriate program for your needs, we will refer you to additional resources that can help you locate treatment. No caller will be left behind. It is our goal to assist our callers in admitting to an appropriate drug and alcohol treatment center within 24 hours of the first request for assistance.
    5. Our admissions staff is expertly trained to work with all types of patients, regardless of the level of motivation. The goal of our admission staff is to provide answers in a compassionate and caring manner.
    6. For those patients who require an inpatient drug or alcohol detoxification, our staff will facilitate the admission to an appropriate detox center.
    7. Our admissions staff can also assist you in locating appropriate transportation to the facility.
    8. Throughout the process, your Admissions Coordinator will be in contact with you and your family to ensure a safe and smooth process.
    9. Our staff wishes to alleviate the fears and shame associated with entering treatment. If your family does not know that you have an addiction and you would like us to assist in the process of introducing the problem to them, we are happy to do so. We will never share your information to any outside person, party, or company, without your recommendation and approval.

Admissions Process

    1. Upon arrival to Behavioral Wellness and Recovery, our staff will greet you and introduce themselves.
    2. You will be given your initial treatment plan, which will include any current medications, and any medical or psychiatric concurrent disorders.
    3. You will be given your therapist’s name and contact information.
    4. We will explain the nature and goals of your tailored program, including admission and discharge criteria.
    5. You will be given a patient handbook and oriented to our drug and alcohol treatment program, including tour of the facility.
    6. During the first few days of admission, you will have a psychosocial assessment, a medical and psychiatric evaluation, HIV/AIDs education and risk assessment, and will meet with the case manager to discuss any case management needs.

You are welcome to call us 24/7 at 800-683-4457 with any questions about Behavioral Wellness and Recovery’s substance abuse treatment program and the admissions process.


Behavioral Wellness & Recovery is a Joint Commission accredited program. The Joint Commission recognizes excellence in health care organizations and programs.


Behavioral Wellness & Recovery is a Joint Commission accredited program. The Joint Commission recognizes excellence in health care organizations and programs.

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