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BWR Alumni Recovery Community

Tremendous effort has been put forth by the patient and their family members in committing to the successful completion of a drug and alcohol rehab program. Indeed, your completion of treatment and entry into emotional and substance-related recovery should be celebrated by all. It is likely that you now feel “healed,” and are ready to again face the world with you newly gained and positive outlook. It is at this stage of recovery that patients and their family members may wish to quickly jump forward with their lives, seeking to recreate the past as it was before the chains of addiction bound them.

However, it is important to remember that upon leaving the safety a drug and alcohol treatment center, there will be many challenges to face. Some may have been predicted and a coping strategy developed for them. There will also be unexpected twists in turns that occur during the course of normal living. Having learned new, healthy coping skills, it may be difficult to understand the pressures that you will face, and the simple, but taxing fact that cravings for drugs and alcohol will occur from time-to-time. Rest assured that your recovery will be tested daily.

It is because of the chronic nature of addiction, and the lack of a “cure,” that we state that patients are “recovering” from drugs and alcohol, rather than to say that they are “recovered.” Patients who are discharged from Behavioral Wellness and Recovery’s drug and alcohol treatment program will do so with a comprehensive aftercare and long-term recovery plan. It is important to put in place the use of this plan immediately upon your departure from our program.

BWR Commitment to Alumni

Behavioral Wellness and Recovery wishes to provide our alumni with every support possible during and after your transition out of our program. We will contact you on a regular basis to answer any questions, to help problem solve any new issues that arise, and to give you and your family the support required to maintain and healthy lifestyle.

As part of our commitment to you, we have developed a free, comprehensive alumni program. This program will allow you to maintain contact with our recovering community, provide you direction on how to located appropriate recovery-based resources in your area, and to provide emotional support during challenging times. Even more important is the message that you can give to our newly sober patients. By delivering the message that recovery, health, and vitality are achievable and within grasp of everyone, despite the challenges that have been faced, one can help themselves by helping others and maintaining positive recovery connections.

Our Alumni Coordinator will participate in your recovery during and after your transition into the community. We will also help you maintain contact with other alumni in and out of your area. We will also provide you with resources on recovery and a quarterly newsletter.

Should you wish to participate in our Alumni Program, please contact our Alumni Coordinator by calling 800-683-4457, or by e-mail at



Behavioral Wellness and Recovery (BWR) highly encourages all our patients to become involved in the free recovery Alumni Program! We want to walk with you every step of the way on your recovery journey. Even if you won’t be able to participate in all aspects of the Alumni Program, it’s important for your long-term recovery to participate in the activities that you can. Our Alumni Program offers an array of services.

While in treatment patients will be able to attend a presentation about the Alumni Program at Behavioral Wellness and Recovery. The presentation will cover topics such as:


  • The benefits of joining our Alumni Program
  • How patients can get involved in the recovering community
  • The events they can look forward to attending in the future
  • How to reach out for help after leaving treatment

Each patient will have the opportunity to meet with our Alumni Coordinator prior to discharge to review the program and to discuss their level of interest in becoming involved in our Alumni Program. Patients will be encouraged to reflect on their future goals after receiving treatment at Behavioral Wellness and Recovery. These goals will be revisited when the Alumni Coordinator provides outreach and support.


Each patient will have the opportunity to express feedback about the program and to provide a written, video, or audio testimonial. Through understanding each patient’s experience in treatment and hearing about their emotional journey, the Alumni Coordinator will begin to build a rapport with each person.


All patients will be invited to connect with staff and alumni after discharge through our closed and private BWR Alumni Facebook Group. The group is closed so that only members of the Behavioral Wellness and Recovery community can view its material. The group is also private so that patient confidentiality is protected. This is an interactive and inspirational space for our alumni to remain connected to their peers and stay on the path of recovery in a safe forum. Updates for the BWR community, uplifting messages, and future events are shared with group to keep everyone informed. The Alumni Coordinator sends email blasts with valuable information to those who do not have social media accounts.


The Alumni Coordinator organizes and executes various events for BWR alumni and their recovery alliance. These events are another opportunity to maintain relationships with peers, and have access to fun and sober activities. Each event is a chance to encourage growth within each patient’s family unit and the BWR community. Alumni meetings are held, where alumni who have maintained sobriety for over 6 months are invited to be speakers.

Sobriety is a lifetime goal that may be difficult to achieve without a solid support system and the necessary resources. Through continual outreach after our 42-day program, BWR strives to maintain relationships with each patient and provide them with support along the way. Our Alumni Coordinator contacts every person who has attended our program, beginning one day after discharge up until 180 days after leaving BWR. Alumni have the opportunity on these phone calls to ask for help, talk to someone about the struggles they are currently facing, and receive motivation to stay clean.

Behavioral Wellness and Recovery Alumni Program Goals

  • Provide an extra layer of support after discharge
  • Assist our patients in becoming part of a community of peers who have shared experiences
  • Engage and connect our alumni
  • Provide the opportunity to control the level of involvement in the program

BWR Alumni Program Opportunities

  • Hear alumni Talk
  • Participate in a meeting prior to discharge to discuss future goals
  • Consent to contact via telephone, email, and/or Facebook
  • Stay connected with our closed and private online Facebook Alumni Page in community of understanding with interactive and inspirational activity
  • Provide a testimonial
  • Receive follow-up contact after discharge (1 day, 7 days, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, and 180 days)
  • Receive email blasts and the BWR Newsletter, which contains up-to-the-minute substance abuse information and updated facility information
  • Attend Alumni Events along with family and friends (Recovery Alliance), alumni, and staff
  • Become a speaker at our alumni events after 6 months of sobriety



If you wish to contact our admissions line, our Addiction Specialists and Admission Coordinators are available 24/7 through our toll-free helpline, 800-683-4457.

Behavioral Wellness and Recovery’s Drug and Alcohol Rehab welcomes your participation in our Alumni Program. Our Alumni Coordinator can place you in contact with resources in your area that can assist you in your recovery efforts. In addition, we will connect you with other alumni in your area.

Behavioral Health and Wellness offers alumni events welcoming all our alumni. In providing support to others, including current patients, our alumni can strengthen their own recovery program and connect with others who have experienced similar circumstances.

Should you choose to receive the Behavioral Health and Wellness’s Quarterly Newsletter, it will be e-mailed to you when available.

As always, your personal information will remain confidential.

Alternatively, you may complete our e-mail contact form to have your questions answered. Our Admissions Staff can assist you in learning more about our program, or locating suitable program for your needs. Any information shared with us will remain confidential.


Behavioral Wellness & Recovery is a Joint Commission accredited program. The Joint Commission recognizes excellence in health care organizations and programs.


Behavioral Wellness & Recovery is a Joint Commission accredited program. The Joint Commission recognizes excellence in health care organizations and programs.

Your decision to regain your life helps and heals your entire family. Do it for them. Do it for you.


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