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Health Insurance for Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Does Amerihealth Cover Drug And Alcohol Rehab?

The good news: yes, they do. Drug and alcohol rehab is generally covered by Amerihealth plan. The Affordable Care Act requires that health insurance companies provide some level of coverage for drug and alcohol rehab. However, your coverage is contingent upon your health insurance plan. Some health insurance plans will cover the entire cost of drug rehab while other health insurance plans will only cover part of the cost.

It’s important to check your individual plan to find out the details of your coverage. We can confidentially assist you in checking your plan benefits.

About Amerihealth

Amerihealth offers a wide range of health insurance plans for both individuals, families and employers. Their goal is to help people get access to the health care that they need by giving them quality coverage. Amerihealth coverage for drug and alcohol rehab provides you with the peace of mind that you won’t have to shoulder the cost of rehab all by yourself.

Why Drug And Alcohol Rehab Is So Important

There are a lot of misconceptions about drug addiction. Many people believe that anybody with willpower and good intentions can overcome an addiction. However, that’s not the case. Studies have shown that a drug or alcohol addiction is considered to be a medical disorder and can actually alter a person’s brain chemistry.

That’s why many people who try to quit cold turkey aren’t successful. Quitting cold turkey can also lead to life-threatening complications. A drug or alcohol addiction requires professional treatment. If you’re battling an addiction, then your best bet is going to a reputable drug or alcohol rehab center.

The right drug and alcohol treatment center can help you end your addiction and allow you to safely take your first steps toward a drug and alcohol-free life. You will have access to around-the-clock care, and you’ll learn things that can help you stay sober for life.

You may feel your addiction is controlling your life. However, it doesn’t have to control your life. You will be able to get your life back by going to a quality drug and alcohol rehab center.

Behavioral Wellness and Recovery is here to help. Get in touch with us at 800-683-4457 so we can help you take your first steps on the road to a successful recovery.




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