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Seize the Reins of your Future

Our family-focused program is committed to instilling hope and empowering individuals, families and communities that are negatively impacted by drug addiction and dual diagnosis disorders. Unchain your family from the downward spiral of addiction by reaching out to the experienced staff at BWR, the best drug rehab in PA, before it’s too late.

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Family-Centered Treatment

If you have a loved one with a drug abuse problem, you know how this disease devastates your entire family. At BWR we help to heal the destructive impact on families caused by drug addiction by providing family-focused addiction treatment which:

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Fosters better understanding of the relationship dynamics between patients and family members


Improves communication skills among family members


Reveals how family dynamics impact addictive behaviors


Illustrates how drug abuse has negatively affected the entire family


Educates the entire family about the medical model of addiction


Transforms negative, destructive behaviors with more positive ones

Break the Hold of Drug Abuse on Those You Love

Accreditation and Expertise You Can Count On

Behavioral Wellness and Recovery is a fully certified and accredited drug and alcohol rehab center, staffed by well-trained, experienced professionals from a diverse array of fields. We have been awarded the Joint Commission National Quality Approval seal and proudly join with LegitScript to ensure a safer, more transparent Internet experience for all users. At BWR we rely on proven, evidence-based practices to deliver high-quality, patient-driven care to everyone served by what we believe is the best quality drug rehab center in PA.

The Road to Recovery Starts Right Here in PA.

Located in West Chester, Pennsylvania – Behavioral Wellness and Recovery serves the alcoholism treatment needs of countless individuals. Our convenient location, just west of Philadelphia, makes it easy for you to access the very highest quality drug rehab in PA, enabling you or your loved ones to escape the deadly grasp of drug addiction and begin a happier, healthier, and more rewarding life in recovery.

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“The staff here was great and always addressed my needs. This is the best treatment I ever received. They helped me see all my old patterns and how to develop new ones. They encouraged my family to be involved in my treatment and recovery process which helped my counselor and myself see why I am the way I am to help me move forward. I came here wanting to leave, full of anxiety and cravings, not really willing to surrender, and now my anxiety is being managed. I barely have any cravings, and I’ve never been this ready or serious about getting clean and making serious changes in my life to better myself.”

Danielle K.

Syracuse, NY March 2017

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Restoring Hope. Renewing Life.

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