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Mental Health Help in PennsylvaniaLife can be stressful even at the best of times; some days it seems like the universe just keeps throwing things at us. No matter how prepared we are, it can be overwhelming. Stress and anxiety can lead to depression and other mood disorders, and can even lead to substance abuse. So, it’s important to take diligent care of yourself. Keeping your mental health in-check and making sure your body and mind are in sync can help you stay focused on what’s truly important, rather than allowing stress to get the best of you.

If you’re fortunate enough to live in Pennsylvania, there are several places you can go to get a mental health boost and relax. These are spaces you can explore alone or with a loved one; and, whether you’re going for a day or for a week, you’ll want to be prepared. Do a little research before setting out to make sure you’ll have the most relaxing time possible.

Here are some of the best ways to take some time out for yourself:

Head to a retreat

Pennsylvania is no stranger to lovely wooded areas, and many of these places have retreats you can rent for the weekend or longer. Some are bed and breakfasts, some are more like spas, and others are simple cabins where you can go to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Planning a trip like this takes a bit of research, especially if you’re traveling with family. You want to make sure everything is taken care of so you’ll have no worries once you’re there. It’s even better if you can disconnect from technology, except for your e-reader, of course.

Parks and nature preserves

The Northeast has quite a few beautiful parks, and Pennsylvania is no exception. From areas that offer a beach to those with rose gardens and large parks with hiking trails, you can enjoy nature in several different ways. Spending time outdoors — and getting in a bit of exercise — can boost your mood and help you feel more in control of things. All of these are a great ways to combat stress after a long week at work.

Museums and historic sites

Taking a walk through history can help you remember what’s really important, and you might learn a few things at the same time. Check out local historic sites — such as Eckley’s Miners Village — and museums, and spend a day getting lost in what life was like hundreds of years ago.

If you’re a true history buff, you might be interested in checking out Gettysburg, where you can get a feel for the enormity of the American Civil War.

Head to Amish country

The areas in and around Lancaster, Pennsylvania, are rich with Amish history and culture; head there to find quaint shops with handmade items and lovely architecture. Just make sure you’re respectful of the horse-drawn carriages that share the road.

Head to a tourist attraction

If you have kids, consider heading to one of Pennsylvania’s many tourist attractions that appeal to younger folks. Places like Hershey, which is home to a chocolate factory and museum straight out of every child’s dreams, can help your family have a truly memorable vacation. Plus, chocolate makes everyone feel better!

Head to the water

There are plenty of gorgeous bodies of water around Pennsylvania, including Lake Erie, that can help you forget your troubles and focus on feeling good. Consider renting a boat and taking a day to explore the open waters, where you can relax and get in touch with nature.

Focusing on your mental health is an important task, even though it may seem like there’s never enough time to do it. Be patient with yourself and reach out for help if you feel overwhelmed.


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