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Behavioral Wellness & Recovery Case ManagementCase management is the process of working together with facility resources and staff, community resources, the patient and their recovery alliance (family members, friends, significant others), to coordinate necessary care services. Behavioral Wellness and Recovery provides full case management services to our patients. Each patient meets individually, and as a group, with our Case Managers to ensure that each patient receives access to the facility and community resources they need, both during drug and alcohol rehab and after discharge. Since our Case Managers are clinicians and function as an integral part of the clinical team, they are in a unique position to understand drug and alcohol treatment and are well-suited for this role.

The case management team BWR work as liaisons between the patient and internal and external resources. From the moment the patient enters treatment, the Case Managers are working to ensure that the patients’ needs are met. During the initial case management assessment, the following information will be gathered:

  • School Enrollment and need for application of withdrawal or leave of absence
  • Legal issues and any pending court dates
  • Employment and need for leave of absence or Family and Medical Leave (FMLA)
  • Insurance status and need for COBRA to continue health care benefits
  • Liaison with the patient’s referral source, such as a physician or therapist
  • Liaison with outside health care providers
  • Medical problems that may require specialty referrals while in treatment
  • Determining the presence of short-term and long-term disability insurance and applying for such

Due to the nature of drug and alcohol addiction, case management is an especially important process for our patients. It is necessary that all those involved with the patient be continuously informed of the patient’s needs and presence in treatment. As such, the Case Managers at Behavioral Wellness and Recovery meet with each patient weekly, and on an as-needed basis.

Finally, the Case Managers work with the clinical and medical teams to develop a comprehensive drug and alcohol aftercare program. The aftercare program will include all patient needs, such as medical and therapy appointments, psychiatric appointments, self-help groups, vocational, legal, employment, and housing needs, and will ensure that all appointments have been arranged prior to discharge. The Case Managers will also be able to provide a drug and alcohol rehab completion letter upon discharge.



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