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Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) at BWRDialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) incorporates cognitive and behavioral therapy, combining methodologies from various practices including Eastern mindfulness techniques. This unique therapy model brings together what seem to be opposing views, acceptance and change, to produce better results than either one alone.

Initially developed to treat chronically suicidal individuals with borderline personality disorder, DBT has evolved to include treatment of individuals with multiple different disorders. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy has had excellent success in treating individuals who struggle with: substance abuse, mood disorders, depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), attention deficit – hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Specifically, DBT focuses on the patient’s relationship with others and how they interact with others. Emotional regulation (the behavior exhibited upon an emotional trigger) is key to this form of therapy.

What skills are taught in DBT?

DBT primarily focuses on four behavioral skill sets:

  1. Mindfulness: the practice of being fully aware and present in this one moment.
  2. Distress Tolerance: how to tolerate emotional discomfort in difficult situations, rather than attempt to change it, such as by using substances.
  3. Interpersonal Effectiveness: how to ask for what you want and say no while maintaining self-respect and positive, healthy relationships with others.
  4. Emotional Regulation: how to effectively manage and respond with a behavior to an emotional experience.

Personalized Comprehensive Treatment

Behavioral Wellness and Recovery develops a patient-specific, comprehensive treatment plan for all individuals that includes individual therapy and group therapy, with the modality of therapy, such as DTB, tailored to the patient’s needs and circumstance is the best way to overcome your drug addiction and alcoholism.

Get started on the road to recovery today by calling one of our recovery specialists at 800-683-4457. Our Specialists will help you find the best options for your specific needs and answer any questions you might have about our program or any general questions about drug and alcohol rehab that you or your loved ones may have.




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