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photo of rehab patients sitting close to the therapist during group therapyMaking the decision to enter treatment for your addiction at a drug and alcohol rehab may be one of the most difficult and emotionally-charged decisions that you have ever made. Rest assured that the staff at Behavioral Wellness and Recovery has in-depth experience in helping our newly admitted patients adjust to the milieu. Our staff neither judges, nor sets unrealistic expectations for our patients. Fear, uncertainty, and shame can be induced by the fact that the media and movies oftentimes portray those as having the disease of addiction as unworthy and as suffering from a self-induced and controllable disorder.

In an effort to alleviate the fear and uncertainty of entering drug and alcohol treatment, many search for information and answers on what to expect. First, it is important that a drug and alcohol rehab provide services in a friendly, warm, and inviting atmosphere. Patients will be expected to follow our patient guidelines, which is done in effort to provide the best care environment possible for the healing of yourself and your peers. It also ensures that our addiction treatment center offers true therapeutic services to those in need. Behavioral Wellness and Recovery is not a “social detox center.” We aim to provide the most advanced healthcare services available.

Your day will be mainly comprised of visits to various providers. Medical provider and Case Management visits will occur regularly and therapist visits will take place daily. The therapist visits occur in individual, family, and group settings. Upon your arrival to Behavioral Wellness and Recovery, you will be assigned to a Primary Therapist and a Case Manager. You will also be given a patient handbook, a patient schedule, and a set of our treatment guidelines. You can be comfortable that there will always be a staff member available to assist you with your needs or questions.

It is important to develop a pattern of healthy self-care. As such, your day will begin with a morning meditation and a nourishing breakfast. Following this, you will attend one of a number of track groups, which cover topics such as stress management, self-value, changing thinking, and spirituality. Following the track groups, you will have the opportunity to participate in individual therapy sessions, family therapy sessions and Case Management appointments. It is critical that each patient is afforded the opportunity to participate in treatment that is delivered by multiple staff members with different experience and training in order to receive a well-rounded view of the different ways of problem solving and of dual diagnosis addiction treatment.

Lunch is provided on-site, so as to limit the amount of travel each patient must do. During and after lunch patients are able to socialize with their peers in a healthy and positive manner. Patient’s meals are prepared by a Certified Food Manger in our specially designed dining room. The dining room is organized in such a fashion as to promote communication and socialization between peers.

After enjoying lunch, the patients participate in process groups. These groups are small and intimate and are primary caseload groups, or topic-specific process groups. Since some topics may be better processed in gender-specific groups, these are also offered throughout the course of your treatment. Therapeutic community meetings are also offered in this time slot. These groups focus on exercising new patterns of communication and behavior and allow the entire peer community to give feedback to one another.

As your treatment progresses, the specific topics and groups that you participate in will change. Behavioral Wellness and Recovery notes each patient’s growth and tailors an individualized interdisciplinary treatment plan to address specific needs. We do not evaluate growth simply by knowing how to solve problems and confront life stressors, but by watching the patient demonstrate changes in thinking and behavior, as well as watching the patients physical and emotional healing.

As a family-centric program, the patient’s recovery alliance (family and other recovery supports) will be personally involved in your growth. On the other hand, the growth in your recovery alliance will also be noticed. Each weekend, your recovery alliance is encouraged to come to the facility and participate in your treatment.

Once you have made the decision that “enough is enough,” please feel free to call our 24/7 confidential helpline at 800-683-4457. Our Addiction Specialists will answer your questions and provide support as you embark on your recovery journey.




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