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Behavioral Wellness and Recovery is a family-centric drug and alcohol rehab. We understand that a family who is in the throes of addiction needs to heal together. The family environment and the way the family interacts have been unequivocally changed because of drug addiction and/or alcoholism.

Genetic and Environment Causes

Although addiction is strongly tied to genetic factors, environmental factors play a strong role in its development. As such, it is important to involve the family and key people in the patient’s social structure. Because Behavioral Wellness and Recovery is able to assist you with a residential component for our drug and alcohol rehab, you will have 24-hour support while growing in your recovery.

Social and Relationship Consequences

The addict and alcoholic’s behaviors have most likely caused serious emotional, financial, and possibly legal consequences for the entire family. Because the development of an addiction can be insidious, it likely has gone unnoticed for an extended period, until serious problems have begun to develop. We understand the intense struggles imposed upon the family during active addiction. Family members may feel that getting high is more important to the substance abuser than they are. Self-blame is also prevalent in family member of addicts and alcoholics, and they commonly use statements such as, “If I just would have…,” or, “If I was more lovable…,” the use would stop.

Family members may suffer from addictions as well and may have other emotional or mental health issues that affect the progression of the patient’s addiction and inhibit recovery. Alternatively, the family members may have had no underlying issues when the addiction in the patient developed. But, due to the destructive nature of drug and alcohol dependence, have now developed their own issues. Core to this is that the ability to give and experience intimacy is hindered. Communication skills become disrupted and prevent the sustainability of meaningful and healthy relationships. The obtainment of a stable, healthy life may seem hopeless. A family-centric drug and alcohol treatment center can help the entire family in the analysis of behaviors, and educate them on how to best approach the situation and change behaviors and old ways of thinking.


Being in any type of relationship with a drug addict or alcoholic may result in the development of codependent behavior. Examples of this type of behavior is taking on the family members problems, becoming controlling of the addict and the environment, and suffering from the same pain and dysfunction that is suffered by the one who is addicted. Strong attempts to control the disease are exhibited by those who are codependent.

A codependent may walk on egg shells, yet reward the addict for exhibiting their desired behavior. Eventually the codependent will begin to deliver threats, sometimes subtly, with no true action taken. The feeling of being needed is also core to the enablers actions. The reaction from the addict to the codependents behavior may be to exhibit more and more undesirable behaviors, or to increase the use of substances.


Enabling of the addict occurs when a family member does not allow their loved one to experience the negative consequences of drug addiction or alcoholism. This is not to say that a family member shouldn’t help someone who is struggling with substance abuse, but the help needs to be delivered in a positive way. For example, giving money to an addict or alcoholic that has been repetitively spent on substances is not effective. Paying for an education or buying healthy food would be an appropriate alternative.

The ultimate help would be to assist the substance user in the entry into treatment and recovery. It is likely that family members are attempting to help their loved one in the best way they know how. However, despite their best efforts, attempts to help the patient may be hindering the family’s entry into recovery.

Behavioral Wellness and Recovery is Here to Help

Family-Centric Treatment at Behavioral Wellness & Recovery

As a family-centric treatment center, it is our goal at Behavioral Wellness and Recovery to encourage all patents and their family members to participate in family therapy. Family therapy should occur weekly at a minimum. We also offer an intensive family program to support positive fundamental changes in relationship dynamics, promote healing of the entire family, and to educate the family on how to best support a newly recovering person.

Our intensive family-centric treatment program can be a “game changer” for those interested in solid, long-term recovery. Some of our patients have said that after participating in Behavioral Wellness and Recovery’s Family Program, their relationship with their loved ones is better than it was even before the onset of drug addiction and alcoholism.


Behavioral Wellness & Recovery is a Joint Commission accredited program. The Joint Commission recognizes excellence in health care organizations and programs.


Behavioral Wellness & Recovery is a Joint Commission accredited program. The Joint Commission recognizes excellence in health care organizations and programs.

Your decision to regain your life helps and heals your entire family. Do it for them. Do it for you.


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