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The following guidelines and expectations have been developed to assist our patients on their journey to recovery. By establishing these guidelines, we hope to assist our patients in the behavioral and attitude changes that facilitate long-term recovery. It is important to maintain personal responsibility for following these guidelines and to be informed of what is expected. Remember, you are responsible for your recovery.

  1. Any use of alcohol, non-approved drugs or chemicals is grounds for immediate discharge.

  2. Any sharing or diverting medications is grounds for immediate discharge.

  3. Patients are required to remain medication compliant. Failure to follow physician’s recommendations/orders is grounds for immediate discharge.

  4. Any sexual relations that are considered detrimental to the community and to an individual’s recovery process is grounds for immediate discharge.

  5. Any physical contact with another patient or staff member is grounds for immediate discharge.

  6. Any verbal/physical threats, violence, or aggressive behaviors is grounds for immediate discharge.

  7. Any stealing or destruction of Behavioral Wellness and Recovery of Pennsylvania, LLC’s or another patient’s property is grounds for immediate discharge.

Our goal is to assist every patient in completing his/her treatment program. If any guidelines are violated, or any expectations are not met, as staff/therapist meeting will be held to attempt to redirect the behavior.

Patient Guidelines:

  1. No use of alcohol of any type of mood or mind altering substance is allowed at any time. Routine drug and alcohol testing is a requirement of the program and is performed randomly, or based on suspicion.

  2. Confidentiality regarding the presence and disclosure of all patients is to be strictly followed.

  3. No pictures or recordings of any kind may be taken to protect patient confidentiality.

  4. No weapons of any kind are permitted.

  5. Gambling is not allowed including card games, sporting events, etc.

  6. No verbal abuse or profanity directed at staff or other patients.

  7. No loud talking, yelling, screaming, or shouting.

  8. Explicit or implicit sexual language, stories or suggestions is not allowed.

  9. No aggressive tones or words.

  10. Vulgar language, sexually explicit talk or drug talking is not permitted.

  11. No racial slurs, jokes or derogatory suggestions.

  12. Referring to another patient by anything other than their name is prohibited.

  13. No video, print, or audio pornography is allowed.

  14. Do not congregate in the parking lot or in front of the treatment facility or associated buildings for any reason other than to load the vans for transportation.

  15. Be considerate of your neighbors, including other tenants and other patients.

  16. All personal property and persons are subject to be searched at the staff’s discretion.

  17. Food deliveries are prohibited.

  18. No sexual contact or intimate relationships between patients is allowed. Pairing, even when not intimate, is also not permitted. Patients are encouraged to interact with the entire patient population.

  19. Sexual harassment will not be tolerated.

  20. Seatbelts must be worn while in a transport vehicle. No food or drink is permitted on the vans, except for water.

  21. Smoking or the use of smokeless tobacco products are prohibited, except in designated outside smoking areas. Dispose of butts in proper receptacles.

  22. Outside meetings are mandatory. Temporary sponsorship is encouraged.

  23. Patients are prohibited from having money, debit or charge cards while in treatment, except as permitted by staff.

  24. Patients may not borrow, lend, trade, or exchange material goods or services. Behavioral Wellness and Recovery will not be responsible for property loaned from one patient to another.

  25. No cutting, styling, braiding or “doing” another patient’s hair is permitted.

  26. Each patient is responsible to pay for their medications at the time the prescription is filled by the pharmacy.

  27. Theft of other patients’ belongings, retail stores, etc. will not be tolerated. Behavioral Wellness and Recovery is not responsible for any items lost or stolen. Keep all valuables locked up at the office. Any items not locked in the office are your personal responsibility.

  28. The Primary Counselor must approve all visits, which are granted on a case by case basis. Only visits which are deemed to be of therapeutic value will be allowed while you are in treatment.

  29. Patients are expected to be at the vans for transport five (5) minutes before scheduled departure time.

  30. Patients will dress in casual, appropriate clothing. Shirts and shoes must be worn in all areas. Short shorts, ripped or torn clothing, halter tops or shirts advertising drugs or alcohol, political message, etc. are not permitted. This applies to both men and women. The appropriateness of any clothing will be determined by staff. Undergarments must always be worn.

  31. No food or drinks, except water, are allowed outside of the kitchen area. No gum is allowed inside the buildings.

  32. Keeping your recovery environment organized and clean is important for personal growth. Patients will be assigned duties weekly, which will be decided during community meetings.

Group Therapy Guidelines:

  • Always enter group on time

  • No smoking or use of other tobacco products

  • Patient confidentiality – No talking about a peer who is not present in the group

  • No food in group room (water is permitted)

  • No putting feet on furniture; chairs must remain on ground, no tilting back

  • Respect all other group members

  • Use the bathroom before group

  • Clean group room after group; no trash on floor

  • Please refrain from profanity

  • Aggressive or violent behavior will immediately be redirected, and a therapeutic plan will be developed. A dismissal from the program may occur in these instances.

  • Actively listen and participate to the best of your ability

  • One person speaks at a time, no cross talking

  • Head up and eyes open

  • Practice using “I statements” instead of “you statements”

  • Stay on the topic of discussion

  • No leaving group without the permission of the group facilitator

  • Don’t speak for others

Patient Expectations:

  • You are expected to attend and participate in individual, family and group therapy.

  • You are expected to attend outside AA/NA meetings and work the 12 steps of recovery.

  • You are expected to be honest about all matters with staff.

  • You are expected to be on time to groups and appointments by arriving 5 minutes early.

  • You are expected to explore the problems that brought you to treatment.

  • You are expected to follow the directives and suggestions offered by the treatment team.

  • You are expected to report changes in your symptoms and moods to your doctor.

  • You are expected to honor confidentiality and privacy of other Patients.

  • You are expected to use the grievance procedure if you feel your rights are being violated.

  • You are expected to cooperate with all staff members.

  • You are expected to avoid making unreasonable demands.

  • You are expected to report violations of guidelines of your own or of others.

  • You are expected to take an active role in your treatment program.

  • You are expected to actively participate in each group.

  • You are expected to work hard, follow directions and avoid misconduct.

  • You are expected to follow a recommended relapse prevention plan.

  • You are expected to sign and follow your individualized treatment plan.

  • You are expected to avoid disruptive self-defeating behaviors.

  • You are expected to be active in the community and help others.

  • You are expected take medications and follow treatment recommendations as prescribed.

  • You are expected to provide complete and accurate information about your health insurance coverage and to pay your bills in a timely manner.

  • You are expected to participate in individual and family therapy sessions.

  • You are expected to work the 12 steps of recovery

Behavior that undermines treatment guidelines and expectations will be redirected. Violation of these guidelines may result in consequences, up to and including dismissal from the program. Illegal activity may be subject to prosecution.




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