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Spirituality at Behavioral Wellness & Recovery
The modern concept of spirituality is frequently confused with religion, which can prevent one from having an interest in it. Whereas religion is a form of expressing one’s spirituality, the fundamental basis for spirituality is identifying with the human spirit and a sense of universal interconnectedness. The identification and expression of spirituality is important for developing a sense of self and is the foundation of happiness and vitality in one’s life. Spirituality can be practiced by those who are religious, agnostic, or who are atheists, and can oftentimes incorporate scientific and philosophic beliefs as well.

As a human being, everyone has the right to explore his/her own views of a connection with the surrounding universe, such as family, community, society, and nature. This fosters the development of a sense of self, a sense of others, and core values, opinions, and life strategies. Spirituality is also inextricably intertwined with the development of healthy, stable, and fulfilling relationships. Puchalski, et al., stated that spirituality is expressed through beliefs, values, traditions, and practices.

Clarity and a higher level of consciousness develops through the practice of not wholly focusing on oneself.
It allows one to express his/her uniqueness, without a focus on material or physical items. It is clinically proven that those who practice some form of spirituality tend to lead healthier, happier and more stable lives, reaching the ultimate goal of achieving fulfillment in life. It is important that everyone look for the similarities in their spirituality with others, rather than look for the differences. A specific spiritual view should never be forced upon anyone, as the development of spirituality is a highly personal experience.

Having achieved this fulfillment, one needed not focus on one’s problems, nor utilize substances or other detrimental behaviors to mask feelings. Spirituality is helpful in obtaining a lasting recovery from alcoholism, drug addiction, and mental health issues. Those who practice some form of spirituality also can have positive effects on those who surround them.

Since spirituality is manifested in many ways, it is important that everyone explore all possibilities and develop his/her unique ideas and expressions of interconnectedness. One’s deepest values will then become apparent, which reduces confusion in one’s life.

Behavioral Wellness and Recovery provides a safe and understanding environment for our patients to practice their unique forms of spiritualty in a positive manner. We also encourage and facilitate the process of spiritual development as a foundation of recovery. Drug and alcohol addiction has been called a “selfish” disease, because when one abuses substances, they typically become self-absorbed and lose focus on the surrounding environment.

Allow yourself the freedom of personal expression again. Behavioral Wellness and Recovery is here to help. To learn more about how Behavioral Wellness and Recovery incorporates spirituality into our drug and alcohol rehab program, call us anytime at 800-683-4457. Our Addiction Specialists will keep your information confidential.


Behavioral Wellness & Recovery is a Joint Commission accredited program. The Joint Commission recognizes excellence in health care organizations and programs.


Behavioral Wellness & Recovery is a Joint Commission accredited program. The Joint Commission recognizes excellence in health care organizations and programs.

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