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At Behavioral Wellness & Recovery, we have an unwavering commitment to all of our patients and the members of their recovery alliance. Through its innovative drug and alcohol treatment programs, expansive treatment methods, and nonjudgmental approach, Behavioral Wellness and Recovery not only holds the goal of helping every one of our patients to recover from their alcohol or drug addiction, but also to ensure their right to live a happy and healthy life in prosperity. This can be achieved when addiction, mental health, self-esteem, and other problems are dealt with in a constructive manner.

Each of our programs is designed to foster recovery; but, more importantly, Behavioral Wellness and Recovery focuses its efforts on helping the patient build sustained recovery, mental health stability, and strong family, community, and work relationships.

Education is Key

Behavioral Wellness and Recovery believes a fundamental way to help individuals recover from addiction and to sense a developing substance abuse problem is through dynamic education and prevention efforts. It is critical that young folks are educated to prevent drug addiction and alcoholism from occurring in the first place. Even if a substance abuse problem does develop, through education, these individuals, their families, and the community will be more prepared to swiftly and purposefully deal with this life-threatening issue.

To better inform the public about the effects of drug and alcohol abuse and how Behavioral Wellness and Recovery can help, we have partnered with Michael R. DeLeon. With him by our side, we can spread our message even further in an interactive and dynamic manner.

Michael R. DeLeon

For many years, Michael R. DeLeon has set an example for individuals around the nation. After being addicted to drugs for over eight years, and spending twelve years in state prison and halfway houses, he completely turned his life around.

Since then, he has made quite the impact. DeLeon has achieved three associates degrees, a bachelor’s degree, and is currently on his way to receiving his Masters of Social Work. He owns and operates a business, has created several key documentaries, and leads his own team of speakers as a part of a mission to educate young people on how to stay on the right path.

Through our partnership, we are proud to sponsor events featuring Mr. DeLeon during which he tells his story and discusses drug and alcohol addiction and prevention with children and teens throughout the country. By openly communicating with those who have may have faced addiction or know someone who has, we can hopefully provide guidance and support, which leads these young persons in a positive and healthy direction.

To learn more about Behavioral Wellness and Recovery’s services and our partnership with Michael R. DeLeon, contact us today by calling 800-683-4457.