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Full Scope Substance Abuse & Mental Health Treatment in Pennsylvania

Multidisciplinary Addiction and Substance Abuse Treatment in West Chester, PennsylvaniaTreatment at a drug and alcohol recovery center should always be patient focused. There is no one right method to help all patients who are suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction recover. A thorough assessment, along with a multidisciplinary approach can identify areas that need to be treated. At BWR, we offer a comprehensive addiction treatment program that is tailored to suit the needs of our patients. Comprehensive treatment includes the mind, body and spirit.

As such, it is important to treat any dual diagnosis disorders, concomitantly with the addictive disorder. Without a strong social structure, it can be challenging to maintain recovery. Therefore, Behavioral Wellness and Recovery will also explore areas such financial, employment, and legal issues, as well as relationship and family issues.

The intensity of substance dependence treatment can be a predictor of the future success of maintaining a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle. Further, the scope of treatment should include psychiatric and emotional disorders. Dual diagnosis disorders should always be managed concurrently with the drug and alcohol addiction.

There are different levels of care, based on the patient’s progress in treatment. We at Behavioral Wellness and Recovery believe that patients tend to progress more steadily when introduced to treatment at a more intensive level, and then gradually step down to reintegration into the community. During this process, patients will learn coping skills for drug and alcohol use triggers, as well as coping skills to deal with relationship, financial, and employment difficulties.

Our program is tailored for each patient and his/her unique needs. The typical length-of-stay at BWR is around 6 weeks. Despite patients each being given an individualized treatment plan, the recovering persons we treat learn and gain skills by interacting with each other, both at the treatment facility and outside of the program.

The staff at Behavioral Health and Wellness will take into consideration indicators of patient health to identify areas that require treatment, such as:

• Sleep
• Appetite
• Sexual functioning
• Relationship stability
• Ability to openly discuss feelings
• Health problems
• Spirituality
• Financial status
• Employment status
• Recreational activities
• Drug and alcohol abuse
• Withdrawal symptoms
• Cravings
• Anger issues
• Trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress issues
• Ability to socialize and form new, healthy relationships
• Healthful eating
• Self-esteem
• Self-worth
• Stress management

To learn more about BWR and our drug and alcohol treatment program, please visit our page describing a typical treatment day at our facility. A sample schedule is also available for your review.


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April 12, 2017
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  Chester County Narcan
Training and N.O.P.E Presentation
April 12, 2017
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